Anti-Pornography courses

LYP offers anti-pornography courses & workshops to students, teachers, youth groups, parents & charities.  

Our aim is to help tackle the many hidden issues around the dangers of online pornographic exposure at a young age which we believe has led to a dramatic increase of sexual harassment and violence in schools and society.

Our concern is that without preventive measures to tackle this growing epidemic it will only get worse in schools and the wider community. This is why we believe we must take a stand to address these issues now.

What we cover on the anti-pornography workshops:

  • Financial and marketing power of the pornography industry through visual clips and statistics.
  • Highlighting sex and the media and how pervasive it is i.e. Body image and advertising.
  • Exploring statistics of online pornography users.
  • Understanding the physical and emotional affects of pornography on the brain and body.
  • Video testimonies of young people and adults who have been addicted to or have an understanding of an addiction to pornography.
  • Exploring how to treat the opposite sex with respect and dignity.
  • Developing an understanding of an unhealthy relationship as a result of pornography addiction.
  • Looking at the consequences of our choices within relationships due to watching/using pornography on a regular basis.
  • Understanding the dangers of on-line porn and sexting, webcam and the law etc.


A recent government report on sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools was published in September 2016 and has uncovered the scale and impact of sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools across England.

Some of the key recommendations from the report are:
  1. It is essential that the negative impact on both boys and girls is recognised and addressed.
  1. The Government and schools must make tackling sexual harassment and sexual violence an immediate policy priority and The Government should create a statutory obligation in the forthcoming Education Bill for all schools, primary and secondary, to develop a whole school approach to preventing and tackling sexual harassment and sexual violence.
  1. Schools lack the guidance, training and structures to deal with incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence.
  1. Police data records the incidence of sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools
  2. Specifically PSHE and SRE are made statutory subjects as part of the new Education Bill.
The full report and recommendations are available at =91&utm_medium=crbullet&utm_campaign=modulereports
LYP agrees with the recommendations and is experienced and ready to help schools and other agencies address this issues by providing quality teaching a training. 


Over the last 5 years LYP has built up strong working links with Impington Village College, Parkside Federation, St Bedes Inter-Church School, Linton Village College, Cambourne Village College and Swavesey Village College.

Testimonial 1: Cambourne Village college:

“A controversial topic that was covered sensitively and in a way that all pupils could understand. The LYP team delivered the specific material that I did not feel qualified to do so and tailored it to meet our needs.”

-Sean Sumner, Deputy Principal, Cambourne Village College 

Testimonial 2: Linton Village college

“Your session enabled us to cover an aspect of the PSHE curriculum that we had not covered in depth before, using expertise that we would not have readily available in our teaching staff team. The feedback from our students was that they were quickly made to feel comfortable with a topic area that would potentially have been uncomfortable, using the right amount of humour while still providing serious information. When asked if we should include this session again, the students said yes.”

-David Clarke, Head of Humanities Faculty, Linton Village College

If you want to prevent the issue from growing in your organisation or you need help and advice, then please contact us for an impartial chat. We’re here to help.


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