‘Love Young People (LYP’s) vision is to change the lives of young people for the better.’

‘Our courses and workshops help to increase self-esteem, thus building feelings of self-worth and prevent long-term emotional damage. This enables them to make positive life-decisions in the future for themselves and those around them.’

 LYP is a Cambridgeshire-based course provider developed to change young people’s lives through teaching and training around self-esteem and confidence building.

Our team has worked professionally with young people for many years and through our experiences we have observed that there’s a valid need for an ‘intervention’ in schools. We aim to help young teens at risk from exclusion to receive due care supplementing the existing yet depleted support networks in schools.

LYP is passionate about helping young people reach their full potential. By working with teachers we help teenagers understand their own personal worth, strength and purpose.

We run a series of successful courses and workshops:

  • Self Esteem For Boys and Girls – ages 11-17
  • Anti-Pornography, and Behavioural Awareness

Since being involved with young people via their work, they began to notice an increasing drop in the quality of self-help training in education due to severe government funding cuts. This led them to devise a series of courses and to begin working in tandem with schools that are in desperate need of preventative work being provided for their ‘hard to reach’ students.

The Future: LYP is looking for help with key providers in:

  1. Developing new avenues of funding opportunities.
  2. Developing a marketing and communications strategy for an online media presence.
  3. Develop an interactive website to establish the social media, marketing and brand. Also to provide online resources and workshops.
  4. Establishing a license fee or franchise options with different buy-in levels for teachers, trainers, churches and youth workers.
  5. Financial strategy for the next 3 years: Working with a possible 10 more schools by 2018 it is estimated that course will reach and transform over 600 young people.

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