LYP Values

  • To Teach
  • To Train
  • To Transform

Why LYP?

LYP understands that our teenage years are often amongst our most difficult. We all went through finding out who we are, where we fit in and what we needed to do to get on. Along the way, despite the best efforts of those around us, some of us fall by the wayside. This is often due to problems at home, a lack of self-esteem and a need to establish a personal identity.

We’ve developed a series of courses and workshops to challenge stereotypes, reduce stigmata and help young people regain and empower them to go on to become confident and happy individuals.

Who LYP helps?

LYP primarily helps young people that have behavioural issues, low self-esteem, learning difficulties and may suffer from social exclusion. Most students are referred to LYP through school support centres.


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