Who is LYP?

LYP is….

 Mark & Claire Stanyer

Husband and wife team, Mark and Claire co-founded LYP in 2014. Between them they have over 15 years of mentoring, teaching and counselling experience. Mark is a professionally qualified youth worker and Claire was a History teacher who now works with pupils at risk of risk of exclusion.

LYP’s team of experts has the following skills to help give your pupils an even better start in life:

  • Over 5 years worth of teaching self-esteem based course in schools and youth settings,
  • An existing base of on-going satisfied clients in the Cambridge area,
  • Indepth experience and knowledge of the education sector,
  • Strategic and visionary leadership,
  • Understanding and extensive experience in school teaching and training,
  • Project development experts,
  • Managerial prowess of both staff and volunteer workers,
  • A sound business vision with longevity and commitment,
  • A genuine passion and interest in the lives of young people and the improvement there of.

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