What are girls telling us about life in the UK in 2016?

A survey compiled GirlGuidingUK presented the interested public with it’s results. The annual Girls’ Attitudes surveys probes into young girls’ (7 – 21) views and experiences as they grow up today.

This year the survey captured the voices of 1,627 girls and young women and asked them to comment on seven key issues including body confidence, women in the media and everyday sexism, personal safety and harassment, online and social media, and mental and emotional well-being.

69 % of girls feel like they are not good enough (aged 7 -21)
47 % say the way they look holds them back (aged 11 – 21)
70 % say that sexism is so widespread it affects most areas of their lives (aged 11 – 21)
32 % of girls feel unsafe in public (aged 11-21)
63 % would like to be in a leader in their chosen job (11-21)

It is very easy to get despondent about these results but the level of discord does show a wide spread awareness of the inequality young females are still faced with, even from a young age.

LYP says: We need the UK government to make PHSE mandatory within all schools including primary, as we believe it will start to provide a support structure to help young people girls and boys to realise that they are not fighting this battle alone. It’s simply not good enough to presume  that the schools have the time to provide this on going support that is desperately needed. That is why LYP is trying grow it’s self-esteem work in secondary schools in Cambridgeshire and beyond.

You can read the full report here.