Big Brother (UK) 2016 pushes negative boundaries

This year, two of Channel 5’s Big Brother inmates appeared to have sex live on air. Leaving little to the imagination Marco Pierre White jr and hostess Laura Carter engaged in bold foreplay and then proceeded to bed for more. The episode received in the region of 250 complaints out of 1.1 million viewers and was the highest draw of the series so far.

Bizarrely, White was given a ‘hall-pass’ for the length of the series by his fiance Kim Melville-Smith – so whilst one-hand we’re now able to see undramatised sexual acts live on television, we’re undermining the marriage union.

OFSTED are currently investigating the complaint to see if laws of indecency or broadcasting laws have been broken and breached.


What kind of message do you think this display sends when everything around is become increasingly pornified?

LYP team wonders what’s next?  The fact that channel 5 and other media organisations try to compete for anyone’s attention with constant sexual promiscuity is mystifying. It only reinforces their desperation as the housemates that appear on the show are showing symptoms of grabbing fame at any cost, as cheap as it will make them and show look. This brazen act of sexuality concern us  and that this is just the tip of the iceberg that is sadly melting away the sacredness of sexuality. We know they’re not the first and wont be the last.


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