So, religious people don’t watch pornography?

Research found in a recent American study, Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity: The Journal of Treatment & Prevention, has shown that a significant percentage of those amongst us who consider themselves religious still look at pornography on a regular basis.

 Many religious Americans consider watching porn to be deviant behaviour or a sinful addiction, and attempt to address it through preventative online software for individuals accessing porn or through therapy for people who are addicted to it.

The researchers presented participants with the evidence from the study showing them the discrepancy between reported and actual pornography use in those that consider themselves devout. Unsurprisingly, some highly religious participants did not like the results. They were also more likely than their non-religious peers to believe that the survey was conducted by politically motivated researchers.

There was found to be a correlation between religious states and online adult content use too. The researchers defined religious states as those with a higher percentage of individuals who self-identify as very religious and consider religion to be important to their daily lives. They found that there were more searches for sexual content on Google in these states.

Mark and Claire say: Here in the U.K. the LYP team has experienced the culture of fear in faith organisations. They are afraid to openly talk about pornography without being judged. Sadly there still remains a wall of secrecy due to fear of exposure, shame and guilt.  There’s also an in-house fear that talking about it will encourage young people to look for it and end up addicted. Pornography is only fuel for the emotional fire and most of the time there’s a deeper root of emotion that has not been addressed.

What do you think?


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