Does pornography kill love?


A girl from Texas, now a devout Christian living in Dallas Forth Worth first saw porn at the age of ten. She then secretly became addicted in her teens and early20s allowing herself to become addicted and allowing it to negatively affect her sexual relations with her partners.

Today, Chiara is a lifestyle blogger, letterer and digital marketer in her late 20s. She’s also a recovering porn addict, an observant Christian living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and a public supporter of #PornKillsLove (PKL), a social media-based anti-porn campaign organized by anti-porn activist group Fight the New Drug.

Love is essentially edited out of pornography and it edited a false transaction, the reactions are over accentuated and it gets no deeper than the noises and profiling. The nonprofit organization’s stated mission is to ‘raise awareness on the harmful effects of pornography through creative mediums,’ one of which is #PornKillsLove. They have over 21,000 followers on Twitter too.

Chiara, has been porn-free for over two years now and doesn’t let occasional slips derail her commitment. She is celibate and a reborn virgin and is also active in her church’s addictions ministry. Most importantly, she seems really happy.

For more information about PKL visit here.

LYP says: The notion that women can be addicted to pornography is new concept to most people in society but in fact the statistics in the USA state that 30% of pornography addicts are women. Sadly we don’t have those statistics for the UK yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was close to that here in UK. When we teach in schools we are beginning to see an increase in girls admitting to reading about pornography through sexual literature. This is not unusual because of how different the brain works with girls compared to boys. We wonder whether there’s enough information and support for women who are addicted to pornography. LYP has developed a specific girl/women pornography awareness course due to the increase of young girls needing just as much support as boys.  


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