Are you depressed?

I was once working in an office and I heard a colleague announce that she’d seen Clare, who was signed off work with severe depression, standing on a street corner laughing.  My colleague obviously didn’t understand how depression works because there are always ways to mask our feelings and if you are a depressive or feeling depressed then you aren’t necessarily miserable 24.7. There are subtler behavior patterns to indicate that you may be suffering from this mood disorder.

'The Black Dog of Depression'

‘The Black Dog of Depression’

 Here are some indicators that may help.

You’re hiding your feelings

You can’t tell if you’re happy or unhappy

You’ve constructed a busy life

You don’t understand what makes you angry

You may begin to act erratically

You no longer get joy out of the things you love

You’ve gotten too introspective

You can’t think clearly or make decisions

LYP says:

Mental health is a difficult topic for employers to address as there’s no fixed way of identifying it. So articles like this can be positive in asking and challenging the reader to think about their own situation. However it may be also be damaging as people tend to self-diagnose their symptoms rather than getting professional help? Visit your GP if you are concerned or someone you know has expressed worries about you. Likewise if you know someone who could be suffering alone.


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