Pop star raises awareness of depression in young men


Multi-millionaire pop star Professor Green appeared on Sky TV News recently to discuss his depression and to raise awareness of the importance of getting assistance. In the interview he discussed his belief that young men aren’t as usually as emotionally developed as they should be to handle difficult mental health issues.

Depression is down to natural chemical imbalances in the body and with professional help and self-coaching can be treated. Mental health is a crucial agenda point for health services and resources though stretched need to be supported. Public figures like Professor Green bring awareness on a massive scale to common issues because their reach is wider bringing in fans of a relevant age. Pop stars can engage young people at the right time and age in their lives in the right way.

To see the full Professor Green interview click here:> link

LYP says: It’s good that we as a society are starting to recognise and become more aware of mental health issues. This is partly highlighted by celebrities who are brave enough to step out and open up about the difficulties they have faced.  However we are facing a huge financial pressure to offer services for young people with mental health difficulties. The government and local councils have  consistently made huge financial cuts to these essential services that enable young people to access help. Unfortunately, If there is any help the threshold of accessing it has gone up and the services are so overwhelmed that they cannot cope. LYP is helping schools by providing self esteem courses, peer mentoring and restorative justice work. This is just drop in the ocean but at least it’s a drop in the right ocean. #Preventionisbetterthancure.


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