Actor Adam Deacon talks opens up about his problems

Talented young actor Adam Deacon seemed to have the British Film Industry at this feet. He had spent years building up a formidable reputation through playing a string of trouble hard men in films like Kidulthood, Adulthood, Everywhere+Nowhere, Comedown and Montana. He even directed and wrote a lively comedy spoof called Anuvahood.  Having just wrapped up on Danny Boyle’s TV mini-series Babylon, it seemed to go wrong as he was reported to have engaged in a feud with fellow Brit-star Noel Clarke.  The former friends fell out over Deacon’s film Anuvahood, which Clarke publically criticized as a the former’s attempt to piggy back on his success.  Anuvahood, more like a spoof of Kidulthood and Adulthood, came and went on the cinemas to little fanfare but gained quite a following on D/L and DVD.

Adam Deacon has since gone public and explain what was behind his fall from fame.

Here’s a short clip from BBC 1Xtra where he explains the kind of help and care he received for his bi-polar condition (33 mins from the beginning).


LYP says: Adam is not alone and LYP are constantly working with young people who are desperate for help but the stigma of mental health is too much for them to admit to, until it’s too late. Not only that we constantly see that the system set up to help them has been fundamentally squeezed of financial resources to the point that there are very long waiting lists. We are really happy that Adam and others are wanting to talk about it and get help for it and we ask that the government takes a responsibility to solve the problem.


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