News: Addiction

I took a read of this interesting article by Maia Szalavitz called the ‘The Myth of Addiction’.   It tries to dispel the myth that only one sort of personality is more likely to end up being an addict. Instead any one of us could end up being an addicted to something. I wonder if it’s partly to do with environment as well? for example did you know that children in care are 30% more likely to end up in prison!

In a short, it asks us to reassess our perception of what makes us addicts. One of the conclusions it asks us to consider is that, “An addictive personality, is if you will, multifaceted. It doesn’t really exist as an entity of its own.”

The media portrays addicts as ‘fiends with anti-social habits’. Only 18% of addicts, for example, have a personality disorder characterised by lying, stealing, lack of conscience, and manipulative antisocial behavior. This is more than four times the rate seen in typical people, but it still means that 82% of us don’t fit the media’s caricature of addiction.

Follow this link to read the whole article and feel free to comment.lyp-v_black_web2.jpg


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