Sex Box & The Pornification of Us

Love Young People (LYP) found this thoughtful article about the ‘pornification’ of our society. The think piece revolves in part around a new Channel 4 TV show called Sex Box in which candidates can experience sexual firsts – and deal with couple problems by having sex in an enclosed box. The author, Rachel Gardner of Romance Academy discusses a time when there was a mysterious allure to sex but that nowadays porn has put everything up front and centre for ridicule and frank, emotionless scrutiny. This show also celebrates exhibitionism and it’s not alone. Even emojis have been pornified, so what chance do our young people have to navigate their own sexual course?

Sex Box as seen on TV

Mark & Claire say –

Rachel Gardner has provided us with a moral challenge. How do we approach the idea of sex without ruining the intimacy?

Clearly, we all know that sex is more than just physical exercise, it’s all a lot more intricate than that. Therefore here at LYP, we believe sex to be a very emotionally powerful and sacred experience that should be respected.  That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t learn more about it through exploration – we also need to talk openly about it.

However, what the porn and sex industry tries to do is to remove or destroy the intimacy and reduce us to using each other like products in an ever increasing consumer culture.

Perhaps the media is merely a puppet to the current values of society. Think about it.


You can read the full article here: link


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