Probe into sexual attacks amongst school children

Last April (2016) The Women and Equalities Committee launched the first government probe into the scale and impact of sexual harassment and connected violence in our UK schools.

Concerns have been raised that teachers are not able to protect children from this kind of behaviour. Sexual offences in schools were revealed that 5,500 took place over a 3 year period and that this figure included 600 rapes.

School age girls are having to change their own behaviour to counteract sexual bullying, this has included wearing trousers to school. This measure is stop having their underwear exposed by others revealing them which is seen as ‘normal’ behaviour nowadays.

Online pornography use has been cited as a concerning factor saying that it confuses and clouds issues surrounding consent for young people.

Mark & Claire say, “We sincerely hope the the government and schools will start taking this more seriously as we believe that the evidence is overwhelming regarding the link between online pornography and the increase in sexual harassment. Unfortunately it’s only when something tragically goes wrong that people wake up to the reality that we have a very big problem and something needs to be done now! LYP is trying to tackle this but feels like the problem is so massive we need more people onboard…if you’re interested in helping us, message us or send us an email“. 

Further evidence will be taken for Ofsted over the next few months to find out whether schools need to take evasive action.

What do you think? Have you been the subject of sexual harassment or violence at the hands of your classmates?


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