Jack Wills ads banned. Where do you stand?

Underwear and clothing designer, Jack Wills’ has had a new catalogue and ad campaign run into trouble. The watchdog has banned them from circulation deeming the photos and sales copy ‘sexually forward’ as opposed to ‘flirtatious’.


Representatives from the brand argued that they target18 to 24-year-old university students and not younger teenagers, adding that the catalogue was mailed out in a sealed paper envelope and the online site has an under-18 restriction for signing up to receive communications.

Jack wills is not the first and won’t be the last to advertise with young sexy models lying on a bed. This part is true! But is it right for them to do that and are they being cheap by resorting to the oldest advertising trick in the world? Perhaps if those models were hanging by the swimming pool dressed in swim wear I wouldn’t be bothered. So my conclusion would be that it’s the context that is suggesting something sexual and perhaps it might encourage young people to be sexual or to take risks in their sexual behaviour? This is purely subjective and perhaps jack wills knows that’s hard to prove. However they’re not naive and I’m sure they know that this is treading a fine line with advertising decency and moral behaviour young people but I have feeling they won’t be the last company to do that. After all sex does sell products.

Here are a few of the photos (will add some in). Please comment below if you think Jack Wills have been unduly singled out, where other brands run roughshod over taste and taboo boundaries.




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