Sex Education in schools finally given radical shake up

A welcome review and change to the way sex education is taught in schools has been updated as of a ruling by Government, reached on 1 March 2017 in the UK.  The revised programme will now incorporate modules on how modern relationships work. With the onslaught of online technology and the unprecedented impact that it’s had on everybody’s life, including children and young adults, it’s a long overdue revision that is being introduced in every school as compulsory.

Years of campaigning, both for and against, ended on the 1st March 2017 when the Secretary of State, Justine Greening, revealed the amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill.  The last time the curriculum was revised was in 2000. In 2017 more of an emphasis will be placed on relationship education as well as the perils of looking at online porn and sexting.

Amongst many considerations Love Young People echo the concerns of what may be included and omitted from the programme.  When it comes to the newly entitled Relationships and Sex Education curriculum, the ultimate task is to help young people feel more in control of their actions. To be more engaged with their emotions, more invested in their community, more aware of their value, and to be mindful of others and the impact misuse of sex and relations can have on themselves too.

Whilst this revision is welcomed in some quarters, there are some concerns from teachers, parents and faith groups that the resources won’t be sufficient enough to support a successful rollout.

LYP says: At last the government has seen sense in paving the way for mandatory sex eduction and relationships teaching. We now have a few more hurdles to jump when it comes to what is taught to students. The sooner they get going with this, the better. LYP will definitely be interested to see what happens next and hopefully this will start to rebuild the long-term damage that online pornography has created with children and young adults with their relationships and sexuality.


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