The formula for happiness

Recently a YouTube went viral on the World Wide Web claiming that an algorithm for true happiness had been discovered.  Reading between the lines, this was simply a nice counter-balance to all the global anxiety felt at the moment being fed to us through our media channels. Mo Gawdat, the CEO at Google, lost his son and developed a grief coping method. By sharing this algortihm he believes he’s found a way of generating happiness.

The expression, ‘Glass half guy/girl – glass half-empty guy/girl…’ is a well-known tag used to over simplify our outlooks. Do you look on the bright side or is everything always stacked against you. The sad loss of his son gives this story gravitas, yet, it’s not a cure. But at least it’s a positive way through for us all to us and his sharing is the gift not the actual theory.

We wish there was a miracle over night cure for wellness and self-esteem but what Love Young People’s team can offer are lasting solutions that will endure and help you over time. Such click-bait makes for interesting discussions around the water cooler at school or work, yet on the positive side, at least this kind of ‘uplifting’ diversion exists. Does it amount to anything more than other click-bait showing dogs falling down the stairs or cats that look like Adolf Hitler?

We, at LYP, can help with happiness and well-being but we don’t have an algorithm.

Click here to make your own mind up. Is Mr Gawdat onto something?


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