Seven quick tips for teenage self-esteem

A feeling of self-worth can be elusive when you are young.  Sign-posts are hard to find and your friends can’t always be your moral compass. You are standing on shifting sands with your parents. They love and care for you but how much do they really understand. Take a look at this cheat sheet for your parents and guardians. If not to print out, perhaps these can act as primers in conversation. Some points may be of more use than others.

At Love Young People, we elaborate and give you important exercises to work through to understand why it’s sometimes only natural to feel like an outsider, but that there are many of us that are in the same boat, and also come out of the other side.

  • Set boundaries and expect your teen to follow rules
  • Be generous with praise
  • Encourage joint decision-making and invite opinions
  • Stay connected through all forms of communication (social media / phone / talk)
  • Be supportive during a conflict yet remain objective to rights and wrongs
  • Keep criticism constructive
  • Encourage and mentor their individual talents, but don’t be a showbiz parent

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